How to Use Python to Upload a Document to Google Docs or Google Drive

I've been using Google Docs for several years, and recently participated in a kind of unexpected migration to Google Drive. I like the overall ease of use of the "Docs" part of Google Drive, and will hereforwards refer to this simply as "Google Docs".

I have been wanting to know for some time how to go about uploading a document to Google Docs via some kind of API. The Google Documents List API provides this functionality, and there are some useful examples on how to employ the Python version to upload files, as shown by Google here, and as seen in various postings on sites such as Stack Overflow, such as an example seen here.

Here is my version of how to upload a file to Google Docs, based on examples I mentioned above, available at http://github.com/mikequentel/google-drive-python In order to use this script, Google Documents List API version 3.0 is required, but this can be downloaded as the Google APIs Client Library for Python.


import sys
import argparse
import os
import gdata.data
import gdata.docs.client
import gdata.docs.data
import gdata.docs.service
import gdata.sample_util

class SampleConfig(object):
  APP_NAME = 'GDataDocumentsListAPISample-v1.0'
  DEBUG = False

def create_client():
  client = gdata.docs.client.DocsClient(source=SampleConfig.APP_NAME)
  except gdata.client.BadAuthentication:
    exit('Invalid user credentials given.')
  except gdata.client.Error:
    exit('Login Error')
  return client

def upload_file(path, title, type, do_convert):
  client = create_client()
  doc = gdata.docs.data.Resource(type=type, title=title)
  media = gdata.data.MediaSource()
  media.SetFileHandle(path, type)
  create_uri = gdata.docs.client.RESOURCE_UPLOAD_URI + '?convert=' + do_convert
  doc = client.CreateResource(doc, create_uri=create_uri, media=media)
  print 'Uploaded:', doc.title.text, doc.resource_id.text

def main():
  parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Upload file to Google Drive (previously known as \'Google Docs\').')
  parser.add_argument('file', help='file to upload.')
  parser.add_argument('title', help='title for the uploaded document.')
  parser.add_argument('type', nargs='?', default='text/plain', help='type of file to upload, default is text/plain.')
  parser.add_argument('do_convert', nargs='?', default='true', help='true or false: convert the document to Google Docs format? Default is true')
  args = parser.parse_args()
  path = args.file
  title = args.title
  type = args.type
  do_convert = args.do_convert
  upload_file(path, title, type, do_convert)

# Specifies name of main function.
if __name__ == "__main__":